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BUND Berlin e.V. is accepting donations in Bitcoin

BUND Berlin e.V. pioneers fund-raising efforts in digital currency being the first environmental NGO accepting Bitcoin for donations.

Bitcoin gradually establishes itself as a virtual currency on the Internet allowing easy micro payments around the world at little to no extra payment fees.

Berlin is an exciting city, an ongoing experiment so to speak, a place where new things are being developed and tried out. As is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has spread as a recognized means of payment in Kreuzberg's Graefe-Kiez around the pub Room 77. Moreover it hosts a regular Bitcoin meetup. Berlin is a well known symposium, conference and hacker space for Bitcoin programmers and advocates alike who have created and promoted remarkable open source software around the Bitcoin ecosystem. This way Berlin is once more vanguard and trend-setter and in some way Bitcoin's secret capital city.

We as BUND Berlin e.V. would like to provide an encouraging opportunity for this new concept. With the kind support of as our payment provider we are offering you to support the important work of a recognized and successful environmental and nature conservation organization in the German capital by donating in Bitcoin.

As part of the Friends of the Earth International (FOEI Germany) network we're also sticking up for environmental protection and nature preservation beyond the borders of Berlin. With more than 480.000 members and supportes in Germany and more than 14.000 of those in the capital Berlin, we're forming a strong unity as one of Germany's largest environmental NGO.

Donations in Bitcoin aid BUND to continue to successfully accomplish its mission and dedication for environmental protection and nature conservation - be a part of this commitment and join in to help! Every donation counts. Thank you very much!

Donating Altcoins

Donations of Altcoins (LTC, NMC, NVC, TRC, PPC) to the BUND Berlin e.V. are  generally possible.

Please send us your request for a payment hash: bitcoins [at]

Donating Bitcoins to the BUND Berlin e.V.

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Mo. 18.09.2017: Geologie und Landschaftsgeschichte des Barnim

Dr. Peter Gärtner, Geologe und Leiter des NP Barnim

Mo. 25.09.2017: √Ėko-Hauptstadtwald

Elmar Lakenberg, Leiter der Berliner Forsten

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