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Donation of a Bitcoin-equivalent in Euros

1. Please choose your preferred Bitcoin-equivalent in Euros

I'd like to donate Bitcoins worth EUR to the BUND Berlin e.V.

(You can also enter sub-units for the Bitcoin-equivalent value in Euros - for this, use a decimal separator, but please take a point and not a comma! For example: "20.5" EUR, and not "20,5")

2. Infos about the BUND

You are interested in actual information about the BUND projects in Berlin? Then please fill in the fields below (only if you want to get (real) mail/post):

In case of inquiry, please send an e-mail quoting the bitcoin payment address (hash):
bitcoins [at]

3. Initiate Bitcoin-Donation to the BUND Berlin e.V.

After pressing the donation-button, you will be forwarded to a secure page (encrypted with SSL) of our service provider BitPay. If you filled in personal data for a donation receipt at point 2, please check again to make sure everything is in place and correctly displayed.

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Mo. 18.09.2017: Geologie und Landschaftsgeschichte des Barnim

Dr. Peter Gärtner, Geologe und Leiter des NP Barnim

Mo. 25.09.2017: √Ėko-Hauptstadtwald

Elmar Lakenberg, Leiter der Berliner Forsten

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